Terms of service

Terms of Service
IDG World Expo GmbH 

1. General

The following conditions of participation apply to the execution of events by IDG World Expo GmbH, the transfer of exhibition space as well as the provision of further services (service packages, sponsoring and doctoral possibilities) unless agreed otherwise in writing.

2. Registration

The application must be completed in full. The registration is binding, irrespective of the approval by IDG World Expo GmbH and only with its receipt completed and binding until the notification of the admission or final non-admission. For the purpose of automatic processing of the application, the information will be stored and, if appropriate, may only be passed on to third parties commissioned with the execution of the contract.

3. Authorization

Basically, only participants who meet the offer of the event will be admitted. Only the IDG World Expo GmbH decides on the eligibility. There is no legal claim to the authorization. Participants who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to IDG World Expo GmbH or have violated the terms and conditions of participation can be excluded from participation. The admission as a participant with the contractually agreed service package is confirmed in writing and is only valid for the participant named therein. By submitting the admission, the participation contract between IDG World Expo GmbH and the participant is closed. IDG World Expo GmbH is entitled to revoke the granted approval if it was issued based on false prerequisites or information or the eligibility requirements no longer apply. If required by the circumstances, IDG IDG World Expo GmbH may assign an exhibition space in a different location, stating the reasons – deviating from the license and taking the reasonableness of the participant into account.

4. Terms of payment

The participation fee will be sent to the participant after admission. Complaints must be made in writing immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Later objections are no longer recognized. All participation fees compiled by IDG World Expo GmbH are due immediately upon receipt of the invoice without deduction and payable within 30 days. If invoices are sent to a third party on the instructions of the participant, the participant nevertheless remains the debtor. Deposits stating the invoice number and reference to the respective event requested to:
IDG World Expo GmbH, Lyonel-Feininger-Str. 26, D-80807 Munich

to the following bank account:

Deutsche Bank, BIC DEUTDEMM, IBAN DE29 7007 0010 0613 3235 00

The agreed payment terms must be observed. If the invoice amounts are not received in time on the account of IDG World Expo GmbH, then the latter is entitled to charge default interest of 8% p.a., otherwise 5% p.a. above the base rate according to § 247 IDG World Expo GmbH may withdraw from the contract if the participant fails to meet the payment deadlines.

5. Resignation and non-participation
After the admission, a resignation from the contract is not possible in whole or in part by the participant. The same applies to additionally agree additional services (service packages, sponsoring and doctoral possibilities) as well as the provision of exhibition space. The total participation fee must be paid. However, IDG World Expo GmbH explicitly agrees to a written cancellation of the contract until 4 weeks before the start of the event against payment of a lump sum of 60% of the participation fee. The deposit amount remaining under clause 4 (terms of payment) will be refunded to the participant. If the contract is cancelled later than 4 weeks before the start of the event, 100% of the participation fee will be charged.
IDG World Expo GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the participant fails to fulfil contractual obligations arising from the contract or the supplementary provisions after the granting of the grace period. This also applies if the conditions for the conclusion of the contract are not or no longer fulfilled for the participant.
The same applies in the event that the economic circumstances of the participant have changed adversely or if the company of the participant is in liquidation and IDG World Expo GmbH after the conclusion of the contract aware of the risk of their pay claim due to poor assets situation of the participant attained. If the facts are based on IDG World Expo GmbH’s withdrawal from the contract, which is announced 4 weeks before the start of the event, then it is entitled to the lump-sum compensation of 60%, then 100% of the participation fee. The participant’s proof that no or substantially lower expenses of the organizer were incurred, and the advantages gained by him went beyond the lump-sum compensation remain unaffected.

6. Event services
The participants will be informed in detail about the individual services of IDG World Expo GmbH with the registration documents. All services ordered by the participant and due to the approval of IDG World Expo GmbH are not subject to change afterwards. Individual changes or additions to the agreed services require a separate written agreement in each case.
7. Advertising at the event
Exhibits, printed matter and advertising material may only be displayed within the rented exhibition space. Only advertising measures of the participants are permitted, which do not offend against legal regulations or the moral customs or have a philosophical or political character. IDG World Expo GmbH is entitled to prohibit the publication, issue and display of advertising material that may give rise to objections and to ensure the existence of this advertising material for the duration of the event.
8. House rights
IDG World Expo GmbH, together with the event hotel, will exercise the house right throughout the event area for the duration of the event. IDG World Expo GmbH and the event hotel are entitled to issue instructions in this respect.
9. Reservations / changes / cancellation of the event
IDG is entitled to change the time and place of the event or to cancel the event, in whole or in part, for good cause (eg force majeure, strike, etc.). The same applies if IDG concludes that the economic viability of the event is not secured. In the case of complete or partial relocation, the contract is deemed to have been concluded for the changed period or place, unless the participant objects in writing within a period of 2 weeks after receipt of the notification of the change. Incidentally, the regulations in Section 11 apply.
10. Legal consequences of non-provision of services by IDG
If the agreed services of IDG are not provided in whole or in part for reasons for which IDG is responsible (for example, in the case of cancellation of the event for economic reasons), IDG will offer the participant alternative services of a comparable type and scope. If the alternative services offered by IDG are not suitable for ensuring the expected information, advertising or communication performance, or their acceptance for other reasons is not reasonable for the participant, the agreed compensation is reduced in accordance with the reduced performance of IDG. Already made payments to be refunded in whole or in part. Further claims of the participant do not exist. If the services of IDG cannot be provided in whole or in part due to force majeure or any other reason for which neither of the parties is responsible, then the mutual obligations of the contracting party shall cease to exist. A claim for reimbursement of payments already made by the participant exists only insofar as IDG does not offer the participant alternative services of comparable type and scope which, weighing their mutual interests, are suitable for ensuring the expected information, advertising or communication performance. In the case of a refund, the amount of the repayment is determined by the amount of the shortfall in consideration of the expenses already incurred by IDG for the purpose of providing its services. This provision shall apply accordingly if both parties are responsible for the impossibility of providing the service. Further claims of the participant do not exist. “

11. Final provisions
All agreements, individual licenses and special regulations require the written confirmation of IDG World Expo GmbH. As far as registration letters contain the note that they were created by IDG World Expo GmbH by means of EDP, they need no further form. Incidentally, facsimile additional written agreements shall remain valid even if individual provisions prove to be invalid. The relevant provision must then be interpreted in such a way that the economic and legal purposes originally intended are achieved as far as possible. Claims of the participant against IDG World Expo GmbH for compensation of expenses for the rental of exhibition space expire one year after termination of the tenancy, other claims from the tenancy in 3 years at the end of the year and knowledge of the participant. All other claims in connection with the acquisition of further services from IDG World Expo GmbH become statute-barred one year after delivery. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Munich, provided that the participant is a merchant, has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, has moved his domicile or habitual abode abroad after conclusion of the contract or his domicile or habitual residence at the time of filing of the complaint should not be known.

Munich, December 2007
IDG World Expo GmbH